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[[ patient report ]]

[ report ]

Patient - Dr. Adrian Matthews (36yo, hospital pediatrician) - was admitted Monday night, complaining of abdominal pain and having a fever of around 100 degrees.

Fever spiked to 103 at about six in the morning, but was brought back down.

I got the file on Tuesday morning, around ten or so. Patient has been more or less stable since then, but his condition isn't improving.

Around 7pm Tuesday night, patient began complaining of pain in his feet. With no outside source, we have to assume that this is a symptom. Cause is unknown - I'll have to do some tests.

- Dr. Chase

{OOC: *flails* Sorry it's so late. At least it's here? Look! A patient report! Kinda. As best I could do. I have no idea what real patient records things would look like. .__.; I'm sorry. I fail.}
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