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All main canon characters have been cast. Any future applications for those characters will be deleted. Applications for original characters are currently on hold. Please stay tuned for more information. Thank you for your patience.

Welcome to NOT LUPUS, the first AU season three House M.D. RPG on the web!

It has been nearly seven weeks since House was shot. Chase, Foreman, and Cameron have been filling the days with clinic hours, occasionally helping Wilson or the other department heads with particularly difficult cases.

Beginning from the time that House returns to the hospital, NOT LUPUS will take the cast through season three and beyond, twisting it in different ways and taking it in undreamt-of directions.

We will be drawing on season three resources, but it's all up to you! Will Wilson end up back in House's apartment, or will he finally get his own place? How long will the ketamine treatment last? Will Cameron ever stop falling for dying guys? Will there be any new editions to Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital?

Find out in NOT LUPUS!


1) You must be 16 years of age or older to participate in Not Lupus: A House, M.D. RPG. Explicit journal posts of a sexual or violent nature must be put under an LJ-cut.

2) There is to be no god-moding, spamming, flaming, or other player harassment.

3) Please use acceptable spelling and grammar. Mistakes happen - we're all human - but please try your best. Absolutely no netspeak / chatspeak.

4) Roleplaying is to be done in third-person, past-tense, unless it's in the journals, where first-person reigns.

5) If you're playing an established character, their personality and history must follow canon as closely as possible. If you are playing a new character, they must be completely original creations.

6) Active participation is required. Update your character journal on a regular basis and be proactive about contacting other players to roleplay.

7) At the beginning of the game, all characters will have a blank slate as far as relationships go. No one begins paired with anyone else. Also, all relationship types are allowed here - het, slash, and femmeslash are all fine. (For more on this rule, please click HERE.)

8) Only character journals -- LJs that are created for all game purposes and only after a player has been notified of their acceptance to the community -- will be given membership status and posting access.


Dr. Gregory House, head of the diagnostic medicine department of Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital, is a board-certified diagnostician with a double specialty of Infectious Disease and Nephrology. House is a genius. He's one of the most brilliant minds in medicine today, and he's the first one to tell you so.

He's also a misanthrope with permanent stubble and a penchant for snark.

Despite obvious charisma, a varied sense of humor, and piercing blue eyes, House is very much a loner. He has few friends… which isn't surprising considering he sees no reason to conform to society’s ideas of politeness and can be easily compared to a grumpy five-year-old in behavior.

House did suffer from chronic pain due to a past infarction in his right leg which lead to necrotic tissue in his quadriceps muscles. Thanks to a ketamine-coma, however, he is currently completing physical therapy and walking without the use of a cane.

Contact Info:
AIM -- scruffylies
LJ -- every1_lies

As both the Dean of Medicine and hospital administrator, Dr. Lisa Cuddy has quite a bit on her plate. She particularly has her hands full in dealing with House, having to beg, bribe, bargain, and ultimately force him into completing his weekly hours in the hospital’s out-patient clinic.

Cuddy is one of only a very few female hospital administrators, finding herself in a unique position. She is capable, and very intelligent -- key in her rapid-fire delivery of the sharp comebacks to House's taunts that keep him from gaining the upper hand.

Though unafraid to step in to stop House when he is too far out of line, Dr. Cuddy has great patience in dealing with House's erratic methods and behavior. It would not be amiss to refer to the two as allies, which can sometimes be a minority for both the authority figure and the doctor who shuns authority.

Contact Info:
AIM -- Negotiatory
LJ -- fabula_dux

Doctor James Wilson is the head of Oncology at Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital, and the best friend of one Doctor Gregory House. A well-spoken and kind-hearted man, it's said that he is so good at telling his patients that they're dying that they thank him for it.

Though Wilson is frequently seen as the empathic voice of reason -- particularly in response to House -- he is far from perfect. He's gone through several marriages, and is in fact working on yet another divorce. Perfect or not, however, he constantly struggles to do what is right and good, a quality he tries to instill in his best friend with... well, nothing really approaching success, but Wilson continues to try.

Contact Info:
AIM -- inconweenience
LJ -- canebreaker

Dr. Robert Chase is an intensive care specialist currently serving his fellowship in the Diagnostic Medicine department of the Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital. Originally from Australia, Chase's father was a world-renowned rheumatologist, but cut him out of his will.

Doctor Chase is ambitious insofar as keeping the job he has, but he doesn't seem to desire power. He's desperate for stability, and will thrive in a situation where he doesn't feel threatened. He'll do whatever it takes to remain in that situation.

Though he seems cold - and his coworkers often remark that they don't believe he cares for his patients at all - he cares greatly for people; he simply refuses to get attached.

Chase attended the seminary, with the intention of becoming a priest, but dropped out to attend medical school, presumably when his mother died. His faith has been conflicted ever since.

Contact Info:
AIM -- Winning Fire
LJ -- whatwinningis

Character PENDING, currently awaiting contact info
Though handpicked by Dr. House for the Diagnostic Medicine Fellowship largely in part to past juvenile delinquencies, Dr. Eric Foreman carries self-assurance and leadership skills that can be missing in other team members. Foreman never dipped below a 4.0 grade point average in his studies at both Columbia and Johns Hopkins and is fiercely proud of his education.

Since joining House's team, Foreman has been through a lot -- aside from enduring House's constant taunts, he recently came close to dying because of exposure to a disease during a case. Though arrogant and almost too clinical, his recent brush with death has stifled a bit of his superiority. Just a bit. He tries to keep House and the team in line, often objecting to House's extreme measures, but usually finds himself outranked and outgunned by the diagnostician.

Dr. Allison Cameron -- the immunologist rounding out the PPTH diagnostic team -- was primarily hired by House due to her looks: he believed that a pretty girl who worked as hard as she did in her studies and internship shows a greater dedication, as she simply could have used her looks to get an easier job. And she is quite dedicated, possessing perhaps the best bedside manner of House's team, marred only by a reluctance to deliver bad news.

Cameron is kind, considerate, and often becomes overly involved in the emotional needs and well-being of her patients. She works tirelessly to help the ill, and is usually reluctant to believe that a patient she believes is a good person would do something wrong. She also has an unfortunate obsession with people who are dying. She fell in love and married when she was twenty-one, though her husband died six months afterward from thyroid cancer. Cameron knew he was ill when they wed. Though this does speak to an obsession with the dying, it also further demonstrates her great capacity for caring.

Contact Info:
AIM -- alpha and omango
LJ -- justyouractions

As needed. Please contact the mods with requests.

A limited number of original characters will be welcomed -- after the established main characters are cast -- with the following considerations in mind: originality, ability to mesh well with the main cast, and player patience. While applications will be considered in the order they are received, the time in the ongoing storyline may not be conducive to a character you have submitted. We will keep you up to date as to your original character’s application status. Original character suggestions include: an oncology fellow to work with Wilson. A head clinic nurse. Department heads. And maybe a new team member for House... a cardiac specialist, for example.



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Skip: drifterskip@msn.com
Ryuu: thefifthtoon@yahoo.com

NOTE: Applications should take a week or less to process. Please be patient with us as we continue to improve the community and prepare for the game. Check back for updates!

Skip - Mod #1
Character: every1_lies (Gregory House, M.D.)
AIM: scruffylies
Email: drifterskip@msn.com

Ryuu - Mod #2
Character: whatwinningis (Robert Chase, M.D.)
AIM: Winning Fire
Email: thefifthtoon@yahoo.com